Building and starting a growth engine.

Desifer Growth Lab is focused on one thing: acquiring customers by building and starting a growth engine for your company. It’s not a classical broad-topic acceleration program for startups. 

Desifer Growth Lab contains part training, part hands on help in finding growth opportunities, selecting the right tools and defining your first experiments, and then running a few of them together with us. On top of this we will work continuously on your growth engine and the processes that makes it spin.


with focus on e-commerce, consumer apps or SaaS

To get the best value out of Desifer Growth Lab, you should have a strong ambition and potential to grow your customer base. Since Desifer Growth Lab is about  hands on experimentation to find growth opportunities, you need the following: 

  • 1
    Clear product market fit and an existing customer or user base.
  • 2
    Scalable technology and access to development and design resources.
  • 3
    Access to user and transaction data that we can work with together.

What you get

A unique combination of training, coaching and doing

Week 1

Knowledge to build and run a growth engine

You will learn the proven actionable frameworks so that you can build and then run a  powerful growth engine for your company. These frameworks and growth best practices cover the core elements from acquisition and conversion to retention, user psychology and habit formation. 

Help to select the optimal tool set

We will help you select and kick-start an optimal tool set for your growth efforts, reducing your time to search and evaluate products from approximately ten thousands companies, not counting up and coming martech startups.

Defined and kick-started experimentation

The faster you get to experimentation, the faster you will find growth. We will help you, based on analysis of your data, define your first most promising experiments and immediately get started with them.

Network of growth hacking practitioners

Ideas and feedback from peers are only part of the value. Together with lab personnel and external mentors, your peers will form a network for future knowledge and idea exchange.


Weekly sessions

Each weekly session is a full day during day time where some time is dedicated to training and some to hands on work done together with us in the lab track. In between these sessions you’re expected to complete tasks started in the lab track. For support, you have direct access to the Desifer Growth Lab Slack forum.

Week 1 - Core
Training track
  • The growth hacking way of working
  • Establishing and managing growth team(s)
  • Growth frameworks (e.g. the Pirate funnel)
  • Psychographic personas and mapping customer journeys 
  • Finding your north star metric
Lab track
  • Assignment of a mentor that will follow you through the program 
  • Individual review of the company brief you have prepared before starting: business model, existing customer base, data and tools
  • Creating or reviewing customer segments and journeys, together defining your north star metric and goals
Week 2 - Insight
Training track
  • Creating and using hard and soft data to better understand your customers
  • Using Google Analytics to gain insights
  • Best practice and inspirational ideas to growth hacks and across the funnel 
  • User psychology and how to use it at every step of the funnel
  • How to identify your biggest opportunities
Lab track
  • Review of your company and customer base information from previous week 
  • Identifying growth opportunities and defining experiments to test them
  • Ranking and presenting your top 3 experiments
Week 3 - Acquire
Training track
  • Overview of acquisition channels (SEO, SEM, content marketing, other people’s network, paid social etc)
  • Messaging and the psychology of persuasion
  • Deep dive in creating Facebook, Google and Youtube ads that actually converts
  • Influencer marketing tool-kit to compete with the best
Lab track
  • Review of status in implementing experiments defined last week
  • Acquisition lab: 2-3 companies present their situation and get ideas to experiments from mentors and the group
Week 4 - Boost
Training track
  • The marketing tech landscape: overview of categories and our favorite tools 
  • Marketing automation for B2C and B2B: creating lead magnets, nurturing leads
Lab track
  • Review of status of ongoing experiments 
  • Help in selecting tools suitable to your company
  • Starting to put together and describe your company’s growth engine
Week 5 - Convert
Training track
  • User experience, usability, value proposition and behavioural theories 
  • Finding and understanding the user’s problems
  • Data-driven development with experiments (A/B-testing) 
  • CRO (Conversion rate optimisation), optimizing the funnel to maximise ROI
Lab track
  • Review of status of ongoing experiments and tool implementation
  • Conversion lab: 2-3 companies present their situation and get ideas to experiments from mentors and the group
  • Feedback of first draft of your company’s growth engine
Week 6 - Delight
Training track
  • Understanding and measuring loyalty and retention
  • Hacks to increase loyalty
  • Getting your existing customer to do marketing for you: creating and optimising growth loops
Lab track
  • Review of status of ongoing experiments 
  • Retention lab: 2-3 companies present their situation and get ideas to experiments from mentors and the group
  • Feedback of second draft of your company’s growth engine
Week 7 - Optimize
Training track
  • Optimizing experiments for learning: constructing good hypotheses, minimum viable tests
  • Analyzing the results from experiments
  • Measuring and optimizing your growth engine
Lab track
  • Review of status of ongoing experiments 
  • All companies present their growth engines including top 5 planned experiments with feedback from mentors and the group
Week 8 and onwards
Continued support in running your growth engine by access to the Desifer Growth Lab Slack forum.

Starting September 21

39 990 SEK per company
For up to three individuals per company

This is how it works


Sign-up without commitment to tell us that you are interested in Desifer Growth Lab.​


We'll contact you to get a better understanding of your company and answer any questions you might have.


If you want, you can help us reach more companies that you think can benefit from Desifer Growth Lab. The three most helpful get a 40 000, 20 000 or 10 000 SEK discount upon joining.

The people you'll meet at

Desifer Growth Lab


Fedja Porobic

Fedja is a partner at Desifer and the chief of Desifer Growth Lab. He’s a well renowned growth and e-commerce expert with experience from startups & corporations like Gymgrossisten/HSNG, Röhnisch, Lensway, Odd Molly, Autoexperten, Länsförsäkringar, Tele2, Aarke and Mini Rodini to name a few.

Erwan Derlyn – Bio

Erwan Derlyn

Erwan Derlyn is an independent consultant helping startups with go-to-market plans and growth strategy. He is also operating partner at Luminar Ventures and course director at Berghs. Previously, he was part of building the growth organizations at iZettle and Hem. 


Jasmin Yaya

Jasmin is an experienced growth consultant and an expert in product-led growth. She helps organizations become data-driven, improve their user onboarding, and grow their loyal user base. She is also a Program Manager at Berghs School of Communication. She’s helped companies such as Spotify, Werlab, and SVT with Growth.

Niels Bosma

Niels Bosma

Niels is a passionate growth hacker, product developer and angel investor. He’s into building growth engines. He’s among things the founder and Head of Growth at Tessin (Scandinavia’s first and largest platform for real estate financing), the founder and CEO at (revolutionizing how people work with their files) and the Creator of SeoTools. Previous to that he was the co-founder of Offerta. 

Randy Cottin

Randy Cottin

Randy Cottin is the Founder & CEO of Nesta, an Al-powered Real Estate Platform. Ex Rocket Internet’s venture country and regional manager for Central America. Highlighted among top10  Entrepreneurs by Revista Gerente

Marianne Stjernvall - queen of CRO

Marianne Stjernvall

Marianne is one of Sweden’s most prominent experts in conversion rate optimization (CRO) and A/B testing. She’s also an expert in Optimizely and the CRO Manager of TUI Group.

Karl Söderman - Growth expert

Karl Söderman

Karl is a digital growth expert at Desifer with an edge in product led growth and user psychology. He is also the CEO and founder of Ingmar, an app that helps people to find new or favorite recipes that they can make with the ingredients they already have at home. He has done multiple growth assessments for startups helping them with smart tips all across the funnel. 

Jesper Petersson

Jesper Petersson

Jesper is an experienced Growth Specialist and Analyst with extensive experience from Telecom, E-commerce and Education. He is the founder of the meetup group Growth Lab Nordics with over 1000 members and has held courses and lectures in Growth at Berghs School of Communication, Södertörn University and Hyper Island.

Jonas Brögger

Jonas Brögger

Jonas is an expert in the combination of Human Capital and Growth. He is the CEO of McCloud Miller Group and Co-founder of Growth Tribe Sweden, Europe’s first and largest training academy in Growth Hacking/Marketing. He has a vast background in sales, marketing, business development, and HR. He is an expert in cultural transformation and support companies, start-ups as well as large organizations in their pursuit of growth.


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Growth is at the core of Desifer. We started Desifer Growth Lab because we had a unique experience in both coaching startups through the Stockholm version of the Silicon Valley based early stage accelerator Founders Institute, as well as expertise in helping companies with Growth. The combination of that is the Desifer Growth Lab!