Launching and growing digital ventures

We bring start up action to corporate ambition


Co-creation is at the heart of Desifer. We work with organisations of all shapes and sizes, from early stage startups to large corporations.

Call for innovation

Marketing Innovation Program with Google

In the Google Marketing Innovation Program EMEA, Desifer helped Google to plan, reach out to, support and select startups and scale-ups with potential to build the next generation marketing solutions on the Google Ads API.


Growth with Odd Molly

Desifer is continuously supporting Odd Molly in growing their business. Weekly, we define and run experiments ranging from optimizing existing channels to establishing new ones and scale the ones that work to create profitable growth.

Startup acceleration

Absolut Startup Hub program with TAC

Desifer has been co-leading and developing The Absolut Company's (TAC's) initiative to support the creative startup community while solving tangible business problems and learning the startup way of working.

Product development

Product development with Deutsche Telekom

Desifer is developing the Home OS, a critical infrastructure to create new and enriched services for consumers. We have co-created the product with Deutsche Telecom, both user experience and technical infrastructure, with a startup team.

A few more companies where we made a difference.


Together we co-create new business, whether this means growth of your existing online business or creating new products and taking them to market. We share risk through a range of collaborative options.

Venture Development

Are you an established company with an an idea for a new business? We’ll help you co-create it and take it to the market using the startup methodology.​


Do you have an existing digital business and want growth? We’ll help you think and act like a startup, to build and run your growth experimentation engine.​

Product Development

Are you an established company and have an idea for a new product or service? We’ll help you build it using startup methodology and teams.

Startup Acceleration

Are you an established company and want to connect with startups, maybe to challenge them to innovate your business? We’ll help you run a call for innovation or establish your own startup accelerator.

Desifer Growth Lab

Are you an established startup or small online company in search of growth? Desifer Growth Lab is a program focused on one thing: acquiring customers by building and starting your growth engine.

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Desifer Founder Institute

Do you have an idea or an early stage startup? Our Silicon Valley-based pre-seed accelerator Desifer Founder Institute will help you accelerate your development.

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Our team consist of highly experienced strategists, venture builders and growth experts. Our extensive partner network adds software engineers, designers and data scientists.


Our core beliefs shape everything we do


We believe in the entrepreneurial mindset where challenging the status quo is a need and not a job, and constant adaptation and execution is far more important than ideas. Ideas are plenty, results are scarce.


We believe in experimentation where testing multiple ideas and ruling out most are used to achieve sucesss and growth. The less you know, the more you should experiment, not speculate.


We believe that multiple perspectives and skill sets, be it analytical or creative, are needed to achieve successful business outcomes. Multidisciplinary teams are our preferred way to do this.

Risk + Reward

We believe the best odds for achieving results are created when everyone has skin in the game. As co-creators, we love to share risk and we have several collaborative options to achieve this.


We believe that data, be it quantiative or qualitative, can infuse new ideas for experiments and levels arguments around whether they are the ones to create desired results.

Corporations + Startups

We believe that corporations and startups, exactly because they are very different organizations, have a lot to learn and benefit from each other.


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Growth is at the core of Desifer. We exist to unleash the entrepreneurial force to create growth in the world’s companies, large and small.